Live a life replete with RASA

Experience quiet reflection amidst the calm of nature at Ritambhara Ashram, a yoga and meditation centre in the Nilgiris. A registered trust, Ritambhara offers an alternative way of engaging with life, rooted in Indian tradition and encompassing contemporary practices to help you live a life full of Rasa.

Upcoming Workshops


Ritambhara offers to take us on an exploration of our being within the world we inhabit, moving from an external sense of perception to an embodied, inner presence. This occurs at three thresholds :

Conversations take us over the first threshold, where we engage with the question, “How do I interpret the world?”
Here, we look at the various frameworks of thought through which we, as human beings, perceive our world. By initially focusing on our thought patterns, how and why we think the way we do, we can then move on to experiencing the work in a more visceral way.


Ritambhara Ashram
Konavakarai, Kotagiri
094440 07954