Ritambhara enables you to be Dharmic, Powerful and Joyful. Who are we? A group of gardeners creating a small sacred grove that people seeking inner transformation come to. They sit under any tree that they like and introspect, dialogue or meditate. Some of the seekers become gardeners and the grove grows.

This is the place
Where body, breath and mind come together.
Where the outer spaces blend with inner spaces
Where searches lead to discovery
And where discovery leads to more searches
Where finders seek and seekers find
This is where your journey towards a rasAtmik life begins…
Welcome to Ritambhara.

Browse, Search, Scroll through the pages to see where your path leads you.

Ritambhara’s offerings are a representation of the core belief of being in harmony with your inner space as well as your outer space.

Svāsthyam, the new offering from Ritambhara, is a holistic approach that brings together body, breath and mind in the true lineage of Krishnamacharya Yoga. Led by experienced instructors, the courses are designed to bring about overall wellbeing for women, stressed executives and senior citizens.

Difficulty of Being Dharmic

The effects of colonisation are very much present in indigenous societies even today. It is embedded in social relationships, minds, and attitudes and is also held in collective trauma. This lab explores decolonisation and the difficulties humans we face in acting in ways to enliven the self, the other, and the context, which is, in short, termed Dharmic.

Mahabharata Immersion 2024

Our deepest potentials lie hidden in the world of our archetypal energies. The most evocative stories are metaphors of the inner adventure that the hero embarks upon to befriend the dAivic energies and subdue the asuric. It is the discovery of the treasures that the inner dragon protects that the hero gains mastery over her gifts and treasures. The immersion starts at 5pm on Mar 03rd and ends at 2pm on Mar 09th.

Citta Vidya for Educators

Citta Vidya for Educators is Ritambhara’s pilot project for teachers, parents, psychologists and others who are working with young teens/adoloscents. This course is shaped with a strong intent to train educators and other caretakers of children with an Indic way of understanding psychology using yogic practices through theater, arts and movement for self development.

Manthan – Dialogues on Decolonisation

Manthan is a fortnightly Ritambhara Ashram event to support continued engagement for the past participants of the Difficulty of Being Dharmic lab. As part of the Manthan, dialogues will be organised on the theme of Decolonisation and Indic Wisdom with a focus on specific topics. The speakers will include Staff, Members or this community and select external speakers by invitation. The space provides a forum for collaboration, exchange of ideas and deepening perspectives. Prior registration is required for the event.

Ritambhara Commune

Ritambhara Commune is a non-judgmental online space that can help us listen to ourselves and the others. We meet once in 2 weeks for 6 weeks, sharing and listening to each other and ourselves based on evocation from a story / article / video / art / music. All are welcome to join.
Inner Work Through Yoga Explorations, Immersions & Textual Studies Based On Yoga Sutras.


Explorations & Immersions Based on Antaranga Yoga & Itihāsa Purāna as a Mirror

Itihāsa Purāna

Dialogues, Explorations & Immersions Based On Decolonisation, Indic Lens & Frameworks to Understand Issues & Crises Confronting Us As A Species.

Dharma Drishti

Ritambhara Commune is a non-judgmental online space that can help us listen to ourselves and the others. All are welcome to join.


Offerings Aimed at Nurturning & Strengthening Our Relationships With Ourselves, Environment & Community.


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