This is the place
Where body, breath and mind come together.
Where the outer spaces blend with inner spaces
Where searches lead to discovery
And where discovery leads to more searches
Where finders seek and seekers find
This is where your journey towards a rasAtmik life begins…
Welcome to Ritambhara.

Browse, Search, Scroll through the pages to see where your path leads you.

Ritambhara’s offerings are a representation of the core belief of being in harmony with your inner space as well as your outer space.

Svāsthyam, the new offering from Ritambhara, is a holistic approach that brings together body, breath and mind in the true lineage of Krishnamacharya Yoga. Led by experienced instructors, the courses are designed to bring about overall wellbeing for women, stressed executives and senior citizens.
Inner Work Through Yoga Explorations, Immersions & Textual Studies Based On Yoga Sutras.


Explorations & Immersions Based on Antaranga Yoga & Itihāsa Purāna as a Mirror

Itihāsa Purāna

Dialogues, Explorations & Immersions Based On Decolonisation, Indic Lens & Frameworks to Understand Issues & Crises Confronting Us As A Species.

Dharma Drishti

Integrating Body, Breath & Mind Through Programs That Are Designed to Help You Develop A Personal Practice.


Offerings Aimed at Nurturning & Strengthening Our Relationships With Ourselves, Environment & Community.


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