purAnam is one of the main vrikshams in Ritambhara. The main objective of this vriksham is to facilitate self-enquiry using the purAna as a mirror unto oneself. Through Yoga, Theater, Art, Films and Contemplative Conversations we delve into the timeless metaphors and eternal motifs of our purAnas, and help people explore how these play out in our everyday lives even today. Our offerings in this regard range from day-long workshops to week-long immersions, and include The Mahabharata Immersion, Nayika’s Quest, Ramayana Immersion, Mahabharata Within, Arjuna’s Tapas etc. While the immersions happen in Kotagiri, the shorter programs are offered all over the country a few times in a year.

What We Offer



The Ramayana is a journey of a hero. It is also the story of a person who has to confront his inner demons at a threshold of growth. Using the stories and dilemmas faced by the characters in the Ramayana, this program will help the participants reflect and touch their hidden potential. Come and discover
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Working with the Mahabharata Immersion (MI) process is one of the most powerful and effective ways to gain mastery over one’s hidden potentials. The MI is conceptually designed to: ● Learn the art of mastering one’s archetypal energies ● Understand how the purANa can help in identifying the map of one’s inner world With the
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Mahabharata Exploration is a program designed to use the itihasa-purana as a mirror to look at one’s life. The Mahabharata, the longest epic in the world, is a timeless text and has been an integral part of the life of the people of this land for eons. It retains a timeless appeal, allure and inspiration.
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‘The Mahabharata Within’, is a one or two-day introductory exploration of who the archetypal Pandavas and Kauravas within us are, and how they play out in our everyday lives. Through Theatre, Art, Dialogue and Process Work, it also delves into how the purana is a call for Yoga and a powerful invitation to transform our inner Kurukshetra into a Dharmakshetra.
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‘The Arjuna’s Tapas‘ is a two-day exploration of the archetypal Hero’s Journey. The process and various stages of psychological maturation, that we go through in our quest to embody our higher potentials. The workshop uses films and contemplative conversations to invite reflection on one’s life journey and the existential questions that drive it. Participants engage

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