How to get in touch with us:

If you would like to visit or stay at Ritambhara, or request information on any of our programs, please drop us a mail with relevant details at or call us on +91 94440 07954

You can also connect to us on Facebook and Youtube.

How to get to Ritambhara Ashram:

The closest airport is Coimbatore International Airport. Coimbatore is approximately 2hrs away from the centre, and taxis can bring you the rest of the way.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, local trains from Coimbatore will bring you to Mettupalayam (still an hour away), from where buses or taxis will bring you up to Kotagiri.

For those traveling by bus, you would want to make Ooty or Coonoor your drop location, and a taxi can be arranged to cover the final distance to the centre.

In case you would prefer us to arrange a taxi for you, please do let us know at least 24hrs in advance, and kindly inform us of this in your communications.