Sakala Sahrudaya Samvaadam 

with all one’s faculties
with a resonance of hearts
contemplative conversations

The Community

Ritambhara, a registered Trust, is supported by a group of dedicated members, who co-hold this sacred space. We find deep wisdom and hope in the teachings and praxis of Yoga as a way forward from the current ecological, socio-cultural and political crises facing humanity.

By enabling each other to sustain and deepen our practice, we are creating a resource base for continuous learning. Through Group studyLearning dialogues anchored by the ‘elders’, and sharing the praxis through offering programmes and publications, we hope to foster this space of enquiry for all those who feel called to enter.


Space Holders

Raghu Ananthanarayanan and Sashikala Ananth

Raghu and Sashi have worked in tandem on a lot of projects and this has shaped their approach to all aspects of their work.  Through a convergence of their deep learning of Yoga, Behavioural Sciences and Vaastu, Raghu and Sashi have innovated and designed an experiential way of enabling people to learn the inner aspects of leadership and for creating a beautiful life founded on spiritual values. Their ability to complement and supplement each other’s journeys has helped them to bridge the traditional and the modern in insightful ways.  Read More >>