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Lockdown Journals

Please read the July 2020 Ritambhara Newsletter – Lockdown Journals

vAstu Sangha

Please read the June 2020 Ritambhara Newsletter – vAstu Special Edition. You may also download the newsletter by clicking here.

Peace & Sustainability Through Yoga

Ritambhara is celebrating the International Yoga Day 2020 through the ‘Peace & Sustainability Through Yoga’ – 3 Days Global Online Yoga Festival from 18th to 20th June, 2020. To read the web version of this special newsletter, click here. To download this Yoga Day special newsletter, click here.

Contemplative Conversations

This edition of the Ritambhara newsletter focus on the contemplative conversations that our team has been holding to engage with the new reality of lockdown following COVID-19 around the world. You can read the web version of the newsletter here. You may download the May newsletter here.

Yogasutra Study Online

Ritambhara completed its first online course in Yogasutra Study with Sri Raghu Ananthanarayanan in April 2020. You can read all about it and our upcoming offerings in the web version of our newsletter here. You can also download our April newsletter here.  

Corona Conversations

Check out the March 2020 newsletter from Ritambhare. Download March 2020 Newsletter    

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