SaptaSwara Immersion – Reflections

We started the New year 2021 by completing our 8 weeks journey with fellow co-travellers on Saptaswara:Path of a Karma Yogi on the 2nd January. SaptaSwara: the seven key values and practices that can provide the foundation for a beautiful, harmonious and meaningful  life. This program was created by our mentors Sashikala Ananth and Raghu Ananthanarayanan over 20yrs ago and has undergone various iterations. 

The seven key values-in-action that comprise SaptaSwara are: 

  1. Maitrī [मैत्री] – Friendship 
  2. Karma [कर्म] – Action 
  3. Dharma [धर्म] – Responsibility 
  4. Jñāna [ज्ञान] – Knowledge
  5. Ramya [रम्य] – Beauty
  6. Yoga [योग] – Mindfulness
  7. Abhyāsa [अभ्यास]- Practice

These seven are like the seven basic swarā-s [स्वराः], or the seven basic notes of music. When one becomes adept at acting in harmony with these values, one’s life will be beautiful, like an uplifting music. We therefore call them the “SaptaSwara: The seven keys to discover a life replete with beauty”. 

Experiential format enables participants to explore their inner-world in order to find a rhythm that works for them using the seven swaras. Below are some of the testimonials from the participants of this batch.

Sudipta Shaw – Kolkata

The Saptaswara program delivers much more than it promises. The map of seven swaras (tones) are not only relevant in day to day life but also for a deeper journey towards ultimate meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life. Each swara is  endowed with understanding, exploration and reflection of every aspects of life – friendship, action, knowledge, love and so on… At the end of the program, it just feels that the journey has just begun. Highly recommended for anyone who is a human being and alive on this planet. 

Vidya Shaktivel – Coimbatore

Attending the Saptaswara had a definitive and tangible impact on how I related to myself and to the people around me and to the whole environment in which I live.It has helped me in making choices that are enlivening and harmonious.I feel as if I am walking on a path that shows me beauty and wonder at every moment…  

Natasha Arnold – Norfolk Island

The learning has been very insightful and meaningful, especially having attended the training crossing over from one pivotal year into a new year of hope and growth. The program provided me with an alternate yet traditional and practical way to look at things and how to truly observe things (behaviours, attitudes, emotional responses, decisions made) from the centre of the self. So, I feel I can move forward knowing that I have a new and different set of knowledges in my pocked if ever I need to draw them out to help me in life.  

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