Embracing the Devi Within

What is Masculine & feminine? Is it male and female? Each one of us has aspects of the masculine and the feminine within us no matter whether we are a man or a woman. How are we holding and nourishing, balancing and integrating them in our life?

For me, the part of me that just is, that is sensitive to the feelings of myself and the other, that part of me which sees things as is and not as it should be is the feminine. This part of me can be vulnerable, can have fears, and a sense of not knowing. While each one of us has these parts of us within us, we somehow seem to have internalised that getting in touch with these parts are considered a weakness. Strength seems to be defined by how much I am unfazed by anything that happens around me. This outward behaviour of being unfazed most of the time seems to be a suppression of my innermost fears, doubts etc. These eventually land up in the body as illness or comes as outwardly indulgences/outbursts/anxiety…  Do I give enough space to my being? As a society, people who go through depression/anxiety are generally those who are very sensitive to these feelings in themselves as well as around them but are trying very hard to suppress them with the masculine “I Should / I shouldn’t”. This voice is not just theirs but also ours who have disowned these and hence the more sensitive take it up and suffer.

What is it that I can do? Can I start becoming sensitive to my feelings? What are the compulsive patterns that I get caught in, that suppress my deep-rooted feelings? What is the feminine aspect of me? Can each one of us enquire into ourselves? There is nothing that needs to be done. When we just feel and embrace, what seems to emerge is the nourishing, healing energy within which opens up a completely different possibility of being that is wholesome and I seem to touch the deeper potential that I hold. At this start of Navaratri, can we embrace the feminine inside and outside?

– Kavita Elango

Yoga Practitioner, Teacher & Facilitator

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