Contemplative Weekends at Ritambhara

“Alone but not lonely, the philosopher becomes attuned to her inner self and the world. In solitude, the soundless dialogue ‘which the soul holds with herself’ finally becomes audible.”  – Plato

Weekend Getaways are the stuff that our weekday dreams are made of. Who hasn’t had their eyes glaze over at the computer on a Wednesday, fervently wishing there was a place to escape to come Friday evening? Yet most people, given their heavy workloads and light travel purses, find it almost impossible to find this fabled space where all one’s troubles melt away and where the body and mind are refreshed enough to go through another week of the same old routine.

Given the hectic lives that we lead, an inner voice cries out, “But I have responsibilities to my family, my workplace, my (please fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind), I don’t have time to delve so deep!” Thus we often spend our weekends glued to the couch, letting media from our televisions or laptops stream over our beings, or we party all night at the coolest night-spot, all the while telling ourselves that this is what we need to relax and unwind.

Why not shift this perspective with a Contemplative Weekend at Ritambhara?

When one is in solitude, nature speaks to the imagination, as she never does in company. In the midst of spectacular natural beauty, we offer you the chance to find a quiet space within yourself, from where you can truly nourish your being.

We encourage you to establish a healthy connection with your body through yoga and meditation, while sampling wholesome vegetarian cuisine. Evenings at Ritambhara offer you an all-natural widescreen HD view of the glorious Nilgiri mountains and Shola forests, and the possibility of sighting wildlife such as the Great Indian Hornbill.

Contemplative Weekends are not about distracting our minds and bodies through mindless consumerism. They are about spending those precious moments in discovering what can truly nourish us, and building a calm space within ourselves that we can retreat to anytime we need. To put it simply, a Contemplative Weekend is getting away to yourself. 

If you would like to take part in a Contemplative Weekend, or arrange for a group to participate, we invite you to contact us at

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