The Hindu discovers Ritambhara

In late May of this year, when we were concluding our program Parenting Inside Out, we received a visit from Varsha Saraogi, of The Hindu.  A young reporter, Varsha happened to be in the Nilgiris and serendipitously stumbled upon us at Ritambhara. The exchange was a pleasure, allowing us to see the centre through fresh eyes, and experience the true joy that it brings to all who arrive here. Varsha went on to feature the centre in an article for The Hindu, allowing a larger audience to become aware of Ritambhara and our message.

Varsha introduces the ashram to her readers in a gentle and poetic manner, speaking of “untouched green sky-stabbing mountains. A wave of tea farms goes rumbling down the sides, crumpled at the base. The harpoon-like peaks are shrouded in ghost-grey mist.”

She also draws out the essence of our work here through her interactions with Raghu and Sashi. She echoes the concern of de-mystifying Yoga and discovering the tradition as a way to live a fuller life. In her own words, “What could be better than learning all aspects of yoga in the hills?” And we must agree, what indeed?

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