Vishwakarma Jayanti

‘Our attempt has been to create a bridge between the tradition and the future. For thousands of years, India has boasted of some of the most beautiful, durable and unique aesthetic artwork that stands as a sentinel of our past glory.
This great art has not been celebrated sufficiently in the last few decades. Both the art and the practitioner have survived the ravages of time and continue to practice their marvelous craft with the same dedication and superb quality till today. ‘ – Sashikala Ananth
We bring to you a special event on 17th of September- Vishwakarma Jayanti, to celebrate and honour the knowledge, skills and contributions of the Vishwakarma craftsmen. W will be a morning ( 9:30 to 1 pm ) and an evening session (6 to 8:30 pm) with time for Q and A’s and direct interaction with the Vishwakarma shilpis. 
This event is an important occasion for us to come together to raise awareness of the rich traditions of the Vishwakarma community. 
The Vishwakarmas comprise of blacksmiths (Manu), carpenters (Maya), stone sculptors (Shilpi), metal workers (Tvasta)  and goldsmiths (Visvajna).  They live in various pockets across the country, although depleted in numbers and marginalised today. They were designers of towns, temples, residences, villages, sculptural works, jewellery, vessels for daily use etc. Their work is deeply rooted in India since ancient times and is mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. Though regional variations are observed in the work of different groups of Vishwakarma, the underlying principles and rhythms have evolved from a common and powerful base. 
Please register on link below to receive the Zoom link for the event. We will also be uploading further information on link that you can preview and access over the next few days.
Thank You!
The six paths to the Divine:
In sound through music
In the body through dance
In words through poetry
In space through architecture
In form through sculpture
In thought through mathematics
One touches the Divine
(From the Shilpi’s handbook)



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