Yoga Sutra Vriksam is all about offerings based on the ancient Yogic philosophic text – the Yoga Sutras. The Yoga Sutras is a darsana text where each sutra can be used as a reflection for our life – to understand our own self and our reality better.  Why Dukha? The Text offers explanation on what is the nature of our mind – how the way we perceive reality causes our own dukkha. And as we explore this through our own life using the sutras as a mirror, we are able to understand our psyche better and hence it enables us to live a life with better choices and clarity.

In today’s age, most of us are chasing lives with an approach of living outside – in. Living life the way we are conditioned to be through our upbringing, society and environment. Reflecting on the sutras,  enables us to see our mental model – how we are entrenched in our habituated thought process – it empowers us to flower the seed of transformation from within. 

Every word in the sutra holds many layers of meanings which reveals us layer by layer as we explore it in our lives. Hence any study or course that we do will not feel, it is the same as we do it again and again. The need this vrksham senses is – 1) people who have a tendency to look within for answers can use the offerings to explore themselves 2) People who are boggled by issues regarding health – mental and physical, relationships etc – this vrksham can be  a starting point to see how they contribute to their own dukkha 3) People who are piqued by knowledge for the sake of it – this can be a starting point for them to bring awareness to how knowledge is one that is best when it comes from within.