The word “yoga” has many meanings, one of which is an alignment of various aspects of our self (body, breath, mind, emotions, relationships etc.). The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali are the basis of Yoga and they are a delightful confluence of philosophy and practice. It has been an extraordinary guidepost for seekers over millenia and is full of wisdom that is urgently needed in our quest for a more humane and compassionate way of life. The central ideas of Yoga (like dhyāna, prānāyāma, avidyā, etc.) have influenced the entire body of inner exploration of our sages (Antaranga Yoga). There is no area of spiritual sādhana that is not influenced by the essential principles of Yoga. 

Ritambhara offers many programs based on the ancient text of Yoga Sutra compiled by Maharshi Patanjali. Each program has a unique flavour and approach and is anchored in the Ritambhara way of Antaranga Yoga. Yoga is actually one of the 6 darshana in the Indian tradition. The word darshana means “to see” or “that which enables us to see.” The programs listed here offer a mirror for participants to begin to see their life, aspirations, disappointments, compulsions, patterns and so on a little more clearly. One begins to see how we are entrenched in our habituated thought processes. Seeing this enables transformation from within. One is then able to live a life with better choices with fullness and meaning (i.e. with rasa).

These programs are designed to enable people to take a dip into the world of Yoga and Sankhya depending on where they are in their life. For e.g. The family retreat is an invitation to experience the wisdom that Yoga has to offer for families, the Sacred Quest is a program for youths, Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY) and Yoga Sutra Study for someone wanting to commit to a longer and deeper journey with the Yoga Sutra.  Each program enables one to look within for answers, revealing layers and thereby moving towards deeper alignment.

We invite you to explore the various programs and see what draws you in, based on your current life-situation.

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