Traditional knowledge systems such as vAstu are aimed at nurturing and strengthening our relationships with ourselves, our environment, our community as well as essential life-sustaining practices that can be traced back to over 3000 years. In today’s world, where people are unable to connect deeply to their roots or their contexts, vAstu can play an important role in restoring this connection. According to vAstu, everything we create and manifest in the world is a reflection of our inner selves. Programs at Ritambhara aim to offer a holistic and authentic perspective on the principles of this ancient science and it’s connection with Yoga and healing.

what is vAstu?
Can we trace back it's origins?
Let us take a glimpse into the vAstu universe…
How do we pave the way for new learning & bridge ancient and contemporary wisdom?
Explore courses on vAstu for beginners, architects and non-architects
Connecting to our sacred spaces.
Experience the history, culture and aesthetics of the vAstu shilpa tradition through temple walks.
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In what ways can vAstu offer holistic wellness, comfort and harmony to my space?
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