What Is Svashakti?

“Svaswami Shaktyoho Svarupopalabdhihetuh Samyogah.” – Yogasutra of Patanjali 2.23

Consciousness is pure potential and it derives joy from manifesting and experiencing itself through its manifestations. So the primary objective of life is merely to project its potential into a manifestation and when that manifestation returns from outside to the Self, then we experience ourselves and find joy in that process. So, there is no shakti outside. It is only my own potential. In projecting myself I encounter myself. Whatever is my encounter is directly the output from within me.

So in order to access my power in my life, I have to find my inner anchor first and understand that everything that I am encountering is my own projection. Projection of my psychic reality or content (emotions and thoughts) and physicalized either through various events, people, or encounters that I have in life. Every experience and encounter that I have, all objects that I am surrounded by, smallest to the largest, everything has come from within me, and I am encountering it as coming to me. So there is no concept of Shakti coming from outside of me. It is only Svashakti, Shakti coming from within me. As the definition of who I am expand, then that much more strength and power comes within my reach.

Svashakti is a series of explorations which bring together various concepts, frame-works and tools from the domain of energy dynamics and psycho-spiritual methodologies. It is designed to enable us to firstly recognize and therefore work with our self from the location of a ‘conscious-creator.’ Needless to say this would deepen and widen the manner in which we engage with life at large – relationships, roles, tasks – and make us more effective in our chosen contexts.

Why Svashakti?

“I am passionate about reclaiming personal power by breaking the illusion of victimhood that has a strangle-hold on our view of life.

Most of us experience life from the location of a recipient and bring to use our knowledge and tools to respond to whatever we have received. To respond and not react is by itself a big step many of us take in this process. Despite enhancing and honing our response capabilities however, when we continue to operate from the location of a recipient, it lends itself, consciously or unconsciously, to the perception of being a victim.

However, the truth is that we are not a receiver but the creator of our life experiences. From this perspective when we look at the idea of personal power, we are in fact looking at the process of reclaiming our power and deploying it to ‘create’ our experience consciously rather than using it merely to respond to life. This would be true self-mastery!”

– Anuradha Ramesh (Usha)




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