Organisation Development

Organisation Development

In the current VUCA world, in order to stay relevant and grow, one has to understand strategizing as an ongoing dialogue with one’s context. One needs a framework to enable a vibrant but disciplined discussion between role holders of an organization so that a shared vision of the organization can emerge. Continuously monitoring and enhancing Strategic Fitness is the necessary condition for Sustained Business Excellence.

OD Vriksam of Ritambhara focuses on offering an effective framework for systemic and balanced understanding of an organisation. It is a dynamic lens that enables one to capture changes as they happen and place them in relationship to one’s world.

What We Offer
Dare to Dream

It is a much discussed fact that we live in a VUCA world today – one with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. These fast changing contexts are conventionally responded to with hierarchical and hyper-competitive systems. This typically puts enormous pressure on to a few ‘at the top’ and does not fully leverage the human potential …

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Sapta Swara

Saptaswara, which denotes both the concept of seven steps as well as harmonisation of the self using the symbol of the seven notes of music, is a sacred quest for personal alignment as well as balance with one’s own context. The seven steps of Saptaswara work with personal reflections and relationships with the world. Change in …

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