Indic Lens

Indic Lens

Indic Lens Vriksam of Ritambhara focusses on decolonisation and an exploration of Indic lens and frameworks to understand the issues and crises confronting us as a species.

What We Offer
Exploring Indic Heritage

A Dialogue Through the Lens of Dharma   How can we discover a dharmic lens to discover Indian reality? How do we anchor ourselves to the gifts the heritage has to offer to us and at the same time deal with the dysfunctionalities that we encounter every day? Is there a way to see and …

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Sadbhavana is: • An invitation to explore the conditioned lenses through which we see the world and ourselves • A collective endeavour to listen deeply to oneself and others with compassion • A space where one discovers a mind that can transcend conditioning • An invitation to seek the sacred in an active life This …

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