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You and Your Space
A vAstu perspective

How can we enliven our spaces and improve our sense of well-being? Like all other relationships, the relationship we share with our spaces can be renewed, nurtured and energised from time to time. There is a constant exchange of energy that takes place between our inner and outer spaces. With vAstu, a 3000 year old …

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Temple walks

Do you marvel at temples, their architecture, and the sculptures? Do you enjoy the myriad stories (historical and mythological) associated with temples? Have you always wanted to learn more about temples, their place in history and everyday life? The temple is a place for personal transformative experience, collective celebration, social interaction, learning or dissemination of …

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Understanding The Sacred Quest

The Sacred Quest defines India. As the world races forward, anchoring oneself in this quest will be essential to provide a person with an inner compass that will guide them through volatility and uncertainty. Through this program, Ritambhara will provide a key to unlock the secrets of the quest. This two days online exploration is …

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