Do you yearn for a quiet place, to get away from the din of the city?
Ritambhara Ashram offers special retreat programmes for just such a need. 

Forest Retreat

Pay attention to the experience of the forest. Enter even deeper, yet unattained depths of concentration. Enjoy simple moments of quiet in the company of Nature.

A Forest Retreat is just that, a turning inwards to find a quiet centre, aided by the great teacher that is Mother Nature. Take a journey into the heart of the Shola forests surrounding the Ashram, accompanied by a local guide, and emerge reconnected to the nature within.

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Contemplative Weekends slow down. catch your breath. find your calm.

Contemplative Weekends at Ritambhara Ashram are a tiny capsule of sanity in an insanely driven world. 
Engage with yourself through yoga and meditation sessions, and reestablish your connection with the Mother through nature walks. Rejoice at dusk with spectacular bird sightings and interact with members of Ritambhara, people like you who seek to find deeper meaning in their daily lives.

Participants shall arrive on Friday and finish on Sunday after lunch.
Cost per person for the weekend: Rs. 7,500
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