Ritambhara offers to take us on an exploration of our being within the world we inhabit, moving from an external sense of perception to an embodied, inner presence.

The activities of Ritambhara include active co-learning through Inner Work, communing with Nature, exploring theatre, music, and art, the practice of various aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga, and exploratory dialogues on the different facets of the Indian tradition.

This occurs at three thresholds: Conversation, Exploration, and Immersion.


Conversations take us over the first threshold, where we engage with the question, “How do I interpret the world?”
Here, we look at the various frameworks of thought through which we, as human beings, perceive our world. By initially focusing on our thought patterns, how and why we think the way we do, we can then move on to experiencing the work in a more visceral way.

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