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In the last few decades there has been an explosion of interest in the temples of India. Many tours are organised, particularly in South India, to help people re-connect with the ancient traditions of the country. These tours cover the historical aspects, as well as the cultural and social perspectives of the temples and the times in which they were built. While this information oriented approach is meaningful, this is a limited way of experiencing a temple.

Temple Tales is an offering from Ritambhara to experience temples from a deeply meditative space. Drawing from the vAstu shilpa shAstra, we weave the understanding of the art, craft, and aesthetics of the tradition into a physical encounter with the majesty of ancient India.

Currently, we organize regular visits to temples in the Coimbatore region.



The temple is a place for personal transformative experience. It is a site of collective celebration and social interaction, a space for learning and dissemination of knowledge. History is recorded in its very structure, and it serves to maintain and foster art, craft, Harikatha, dance and music. Most important of all, it allows the presence of the Divine to soak into the people in every activity.

There are several significant aspects to the application of Sanatana Dharma principles, philosophies, rituals and life-style choices that need to be looked at to experience a temple from a deeper meditative space within. As a part of this program we will understand how the temple design and experience integrates the personal, social, collective, historical, creative and educational aspects of life.



We offer this program to anyone with an interest in temples, who wishes to experience these spaces from an informed and meditative perspective. We invite a maximum number of 15 adult participants. Children are welcome.

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