Kaya Madhya Sutram

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One of the most important turning points in a person’s life is when he/she becomes aware of the personal self and the meaning of life. This may be an ‘aha’ moment of epiphany or a fleeting experience that leaves one feeling elated and self aware. Usually such an experience is followed by an intense feeling of ‘centering’ or alignment. It is as if the body, breath, feelings and the physical space one occupies, have ‘fallen into place’. This centering can be compared to many theories put forth by traditional wisdom. In tantra it is called the awareness of the Sushumna nadi. In Vaastu Shilpa Shastra, this alighment is equated to the experience of the Kaya Madhya Sutram. In dance this is the experience of the central energy line and in music it is known as the experience of the sruti energy within the body. Saiva Sidhantam calls this the jyothirlingam within the self. In fact they take it one step further and speak of the inner alignment and the possibility of aligning with the jyotirlingam of the universe.

Most of us read all this and feel excited by it but are unable to find a way to experience this amazing shift in every-day life. In olden times many paths were set out for such an anubhava to take place. These ‘marga’ are known as karma, bhakti, gnyana and raja yoga. Such mundane tasks like making a kolam, cooking, walking, singing, chanting, drawing/painting, sculpting, designing etc are capable of offering such an experience provided the individual is willing to become alert, attentive and conscious. Buddhism calls this mindfullness.

We offer you an opportunity to get in touch with this luminous inner axis through various games and exercises.

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