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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the basis of Yoga and they are a delightful confluence of philosophy and practice. The central ideas of Yoga like Dhyāna, Prānāyāma, Avidyā, Samādhi etc, have influenced the entire body of inner exploration of our sages. These ideas have been explored in Buddhist, Jain and Shakta traditions as well as the Vedic. In fact there is no area of spiritual  Sādhana that is not influenced by the essential principles of Yoga. This timeless text has been an extraordinary guidepost for seekers over millenia and is full of wisdom that is urgently needed in our quest for a more humane and compassionate way of life.

The course involves engaging with the Yoga Sutras in a self-reflective manner and seeing how it applies to one’s own life and choices being made. It is not intended to be an academic or didactic teaching of the sutras, but a dialogic facilitation of self-driven learning in the light of the wisdom the text offers.


This course is open to people who have completed the Yoga Sadhana, Yoga Acharya,  Yoga Vaidya and Yoga Prayogam courses offered by YogaVahini.

Participants should be committed to inner work and are expected to be self-motivated in being regular with the course.


The course starts with a three day introductory workshop on the Yoga Sutras with Raghu at YogaVahini, Chennai from June 2nd to June 4th, 2017. Then there will be regular group sessions every Saturday (starting June 10th 2017) from 6:30AM- 9:45AM.


The insights into human processes that are contained in the Yoga Sutras, the Sankya Karika, the Upanishadas, and the Gita, are fascinating. Individual processes and dynamics of group interaction can be understood based on these insights from the Indian tradition. One has to relevate the cultural positives and re-define the traditions in a modern context in order to find meaningful ways of understanding behaviour, especially in our country. The use of frameworks and theories that are not anchored in our traditions can be very damaging to one’s psyche.


The group sessions involve a group asana-pranayama practice followed by watching two 20 min videos on the Sutras with some reflective exercises, both individually and as a group, after each video. Once every 2 months, there will be a Skype session to clarify doubts and questions.

There are a total of 35 videos, and a set of 4 videos will be uploaded on the course page at the beginning of the month. The group sessions will be facilitated by Saras and other friends at YogaVahini who are trained in these processes.

Apart from the videos, the course content also includes the ebook ‘Learning Through Yoga’ by Raghu and notes on the Yoga Sutras from earlier teachings.

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