You and Your Space

A vAstu perspective

Most of us might have the experience of residing in atleast two or three different homes in our lifetimes. We carry our own energetic patterns into every space we reside in that often get reflected back to us. This workshop offers a first step for those who are curious to delve into the fundamentals of vAstu.

With the concept of vastu and vAstu, we attempt to understand how each one of us, as individuals, can take charge of the various spaces we inhabit.

Do we feel connected to the spaces we reside in? How can we improve or energise this relationship and improve our well-being simultaneously?

Through sharing circles and experiential exercises, we anchor an enquiry into how can we re-orient ourselves to live harmoniously, closer to our authentic needs and nature as creators-in-charge of our inner and outer spaces.

Ritual and Design go hand in hand in creating living spaces traditionally. Creating physical order outside of ourselves can be a prelude to finding order and alignment within ourselves.

We will focus on the following themes over the 3- days –
Day 1 – Awareness of our physical body,
Day 2 – Relationship with surrounding physical space and
Day 3 – Relationship with larger cosmic space through Yantra, Mantra and Tantra.




Dates for upcoming batches-

  •  17th to 19th January 2022
  •   21st to 23rd February 2022
  •   28th to 30th March 2022


Time – 7 to 9 pm (IST)

Where – Zoom (Online Video call)

Contribution –

Rs. 3000 (Indian participants)

60 $ (International participants/ participants residing outside India)

Sashikala Ananth will be anchoring this workshop.

An architect by training, her life-long passion has been the study of the vAstu shAstrA (for over 3 decades) and adapting the profound insights to contemporary living. She brings together her unique confluence of learning and experience with yoga, behavioral work, fine arts, mythology, craft, vAstu shAstrA, architecture and human psychology. She has innovated and designed many programs to enable people to connect the outer and inner aspects of life and bridge the traditional and the modern in insightful ways.


  1. Contribution –

Rs. 3000 for Indian participants

60 $ for International participants

Our next ‘You and your space’ workshop is scheduled for  17th to 19th January 2022. We are open for registrations.


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