Vastu Level 1


An increasing number of people are beginning to experience the fragmented and often disturbing impact of the built environment in cities and towns in the last few decades. According to vAstu, everything we create or manifest in the world is a reflection of our inner selves. The more in alignment we are within ourselves, the more capable we are of manifesting harmony in our outer world.

“The vAstu Shilpa Shastra are technical texts that deal with the design and building/crafting of the built environment as well as the interior. Unfortunately, in the last 3 decades, the technical data contained in these amazing texts have been side lined and they have come to mean cosmetic adjustments to the building for monetary returns. The reality is far from this and needs to be shared and taught to designers, architects and interested members of society. My task in the last 4 decades has been to disseminate the knowledge in various ways so that the intelligent aspects of this vast tradition may be re- absorbed into the mainstream education and field application.

 Post-independence India took away the pride in our traditions, but today we know better and the inclusion of knowledge based in the soil as it were is an inherently intelligent step. Whether it is medicine, agriculture or architecture, knowing our own wisdom and adding the contemporary knowledge systems to it in an integrated way is the obvious step forward. ”        – Sashikala Ananth



Architects, designers and those of you interested in connecting to the vAstu shilpa shAstras and their practical applications- this program is for you if you wish to explore the science of vAstu in an authentic and experiential manner.

This course is offered online as well as an experiential workshop.

Course duration will be 4 days.

Online course will be conducted over two weekends. Interactive sessions will be held on each day, facilitated by teachers from Ritambhara vAstu sangha.

Notes, videos and exercises for self-reflection and spatial design will be shared with participants as course progresses.

Each batch will have a maximum of 20 participants.

This course is inclusive of 5 Yoga classes led by teachers trained in Krishnamacharya tradition. These classes will be held as morning sessions (7:00am to 8:00am).



*Limited scholarships for International and Indian students available. For further details, please write to us.

  • Overview of Traditional Knowledge
  • Understanding Space
  • What is vAstu?
  • The Temple as the form of purusha
  • Working with The Self
  • The Path of yoga
  • Personal dharma
  • vAstu purusha mandala
  • Cosmology
  • pada vinyAsa
  • Slopes
  • Responding to the Energy- Pendulum Work
  • Space, Energy and Design
  • AyAdi lakshana
  • tAlam in sculpture

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