Vastu Level 1

Vastu is one of the oldest design systems in the world. The great cities of Ayodhya, MohenjoDaro, and Lanka were designed on its principles. The 64 texts mentioned in the Puranas are in Sanskrit while there are scores of texts in various regional languages of the Indian sub-continent. They speak of various aspects such as:

  • site selection
  • understanding wind, rain and thermal patterns
  • ratios and proportions
  • functionality and aesthetics
  • inner delight of the designer and the user
  • harmonizing with unseen energies
  • cosmology and beneficial measures
  • designs of new buildings known as Srishti vAstu
  • additions to existing buildings known as Vardhamana vAstu
  • healing or correcting built spaces known as Chikitsa vAstu

Vastu shilpa shastra based programs from Ritambhara aims to offer a holistic and authentic perspectives on the fundamental tenets of this ancient science and also understand it in relation to healing and yoga.

This program is taught by the renowned vAstu expert Smt. Sashikala Ananth. Here is what she has to say about this program:

In the last 30 years I have been endeavouring to teach and train students of Architecture on the real value of the traditions of building and design that come under the heading of vAstu Shilpa Shastras. In this context, I have conducted workshops, seminars, teaching modules in the various schools as well as in Architectural firms of many successful architects in many parts of the country. But unfortunately, in spite of my many attempts at teaching I have not been able to help the schools to set up a curriculum as well as a module for the teaching of this subject. As a result, I believe the students, as well as the practicing architects, are in a disadvantageous position with the client needs and the irrational demands of the vAstu practitioners in the market. The latter get away with many misuses and misrepresentations of the subject because the average architect does not know the subject. This needs to be addressed.

Moreover, the fact that the schools are only aware of the architectural movements that are European in style and philosophy is a very unfortunate thing. Post-independence India took away the pride in our traditions, but today we know better and the inclusion of knowledge based in the soil as it were is an inherently intelligent step. Whether it is medicine agriculture food or architecture, knowing our own wisdom and adding the contemporary knowledge systems to it in an integrated way is the obvious step. Initially, my plan is to introduce this module as a training programme for teachers. They, in turn, can commence the teaching of the subject to students. It may also be important to have courses for professionals as a later addition.

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This program is open to anyone who is interested to connect deeply with the Vastu Shilpa Shastras and their practical applications, and gain insight into the extensive wisdom therein. This program is for you if you do not wish to engage in formulae and fear-inducing predictions but rather explore the science of Vastu in an authentic and experiential manner.

Vastu Level 1 is a 4 days training program.

Dates: May 22 – 24, 2020

Venue: Kotagiri, TN, India

Facilitator: Smt. Sashikala Ananth


Suggested Donation for the Vastu Level 1 program is INR 20,000.


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