Vastu Level 2

Vastu Level 2 Workshop covers:
  • Information from many texts and data from other practitioners.
  • From the design angle those of you who are designers will be guided into applications for your practice. Those of you who are not designers may be able to learn, while assisting the others in their exercise.
  • Exposure to basic astrology as applicable in vAstu shastra conducted by Sowmitri.
  • Understanding energies in the bio-biology system conducted by Raman Vig. 
  • Comprehensive study of the temple structure and its aesthetics conducted by Sthapati Selvanathan.  
  • A visit to a temple in Coimbatore to understand the principles of vAstu shilpa shastra and their application.

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Vastu Level 2 Workshop is an advanced level program meant only for designers and practitioners who would be using the knowledge in the field. Note: This program is not open for the general public.

Next Vastu L2 Program is not yet planned.


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