Vastu Level 2


The vAstu Parampara tradition provided a holistic cultural, practical, scientific and spiritual foundation through the generations for traditional architects and craftsmen. The Shilpi’s integrity, compassion and moral values were respected as much as his mastery of skill and his ability to work well with available resources. Let us explore this ancient tradition and re-create a holistic and dharmic foundation for ourselves.

Vastu Level 2 Workshop is an advanced level program meant only for designers and practitioners who would be using the knowledge in the field.

This course is offered as a 4-day experiential workshop at Ritambhara Ashram, Kotagiri.

Hours- 9 am to 5pm each day. Yoga classes will be held in the mornings (6:30am to 7:30am) and led by yoga teachers trained in Krishnamacharya tradition.

There will be a special session on Temple drawings on Day 4.

Course will be facilitated by Sashikala Ananth.

No upcoming Level 2 workshops have been scheduled as of now. Please write to us if you would like to be notified.

  • Mention of vAstu in Rigveda
  • AyAdi
  • Intergrity of vAstu texts
  • Desirable aspects of Site
  • Directions
  • Importance of time/ kAla in vAstuvidya
  • Energies in the vAstu purusha mandala
  • Location of building on the site
  • Location of the entrance door
  • Water source in settlements/ in residences
  • pada vinyAsa
  • Orientation
  • The building as a purusha
  • Location of rooms and facilities
  • Courtyard
  • Granary
  • Location of gates and doorways
  • Location of houses on padas
  • nAtyagruha
  • vAstu in Industry
  • vAstu in school building
  • Construction details (foundation, walls, basement, columns and joinery)
  • Types of villages and towns
  • Temple and sculptural drawing

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