Vastu Introductory Course


vAstu is an analysis of life-systems, energies, aesthetics and proportions. It is one of the oldest living systems of design and energy in the world. Some of this knowledge was written down in the Vedas over 3000 years ago. This shows us that from time immemorial, the earliest inhabitants of the planet have always built with a high level of sensitivity and in consonance with natural energies. The foundation of this ancient knowledge was built on a deep connection and reverence to the environment; an awareness that we are connected to a larger whole; a balance between the masculine and feminine and an extraordinary awareness of our inner creative processes and alignment.

Our country has a very long history of extremely tasteful, aesthetic, innovative, and stunning buildings, sculptures and craft work. There is also a powerful history of science and technology that goes back over 10,000 years which has examples of highly sophisticated metallurgy, material manufacture and production processes. Systematically, all this information was either distorted and hijacked for foreign consumption or destroyed at its very roots. Today, many of the indigenous processes have been lost or replaced by so called modern methods imported from the West. However, many aspects of this tradition still lie unchanged in many parts of the country.

A path to harmonious living is an online beginner’s course on vAstu.

Course duration- 5 days.

The course is structured to enable space for both self-learning and learning through interactions/ group discussions guided by Ritambhara facilitators.

Schedule & timings-

Course material will be accessible at the start of each day on our website for registered participants. You will be guided through each topic in a step by step manner. Participants will be required to set aside 1-2 hours each day to go through course material.

Topics are explained through notes and videos. Exercises for self-reflection are also included to aid participants in self-reflection and connect to the topics further.

There will be an online orientation session  on the evening prior to Day 1 with facilitators. Other interactive sessions will be held on Day 2, Day 4 and 5 where participants will be taken through group reflections and exercises. Timings will be from 7 to 9 pm IST.

All participants in a batch complete the course on Day 5 with the final interactive session.

Additionally, participants can sign up for yoga classes. If interested, please send us an email. We will connect you with teachers/ yoga therapists trained in Krishnamacharya tradition for one-on-one sessions. The yoga sessions are not included as part of vAstu introductory course. They will be held as additional classes for those who request.

This program is open for anyone who wishes to study and explore vAstu concepts in a self-reflective and experiential manner.

  1. Overview of Traditional knowledge
  2. Texts
  3. Understanding Space
  4. Ritual and its impact on Space
  5. What is vAstu?
  6. Temple as form of purusha
  7. vAstu purusha mandala
  8. Working with Self -Path of yoga and Personal dharma
  9. Cosmology
  10. pada vinyAsa
  11. tAlam in sculpture
  12. Introduction to AyAdi

Course contribution-

  • ₹ 5000 for Indian participants
  • 100 $ (USD) for International participants

Our next batches of vAstu introductory course are scheduled for

  • January 3rd to 7th 2022
  • February 7th to 11th 2022

Registrations will be open till two days before start of each batch. If you would like to get in touch with us for clarifications, please write to

Pls note: We cannot refund payment after registration. We permit a one- time change in registrations if required.

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