Temple walks


Do you marvel at temples, their architecture, and the sculptures?

Do you enjoy the myriad stories (historical and mythological) associated with temples?

Have you always wanted to learn more about temples, their place in history and everyday life?

The temple is a place for personal transformative experience, collective celebration, social interaction, learning or dissemination of knowledge as well as Harikatha (storytelling), dance and music. Most importantly, the temple offers a space for allowing the presence of the Divine to soak into the people in every activity.

The individual enters the temple in many forms. As a seeker needing to move to the next stage in personal growth; as a member of a social system wanting to connect and to dialogue; as an artist and a student wanting to express or to learn; as a benefactor wanting to offer back to society through food and alms; and so on.

Through these temple walks, we aim to bring people closer to ancient traditions of the country. The historical, cultural and aesthetics of the vAstu shilpa tradition can be clearly experienced in our sacred temples.

The following blog article captures a conversation between facilitators Sashikala Ananth and Anita Balasubramaniam about temple walks.

Temple Visits: A Dialogue

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