Sapta Swara

Sapta Swara

Saptaswara, which denotes both the concept of seven steps as well as harmonisation of the self using the symbol of the seven notes of music, is a sacred quest for personal alignment as well as balance with one’s own context. The seven steps of Saptaswara work with personal reflections and relationships with the world.

Change in the nature of the being cannot take place without the inner self as well as the outer universe coming together in a dynamic manner. Saptaswara is a way to bring this about. We at Ritambhara have customized this program for a diverse set of groups – young adults, families, corporates, teachers, etc. 

Each step of the Saptaswara exploration comprises of the following four essential parts:

  1. A ‘here and now’ encounter with oneself.
  2. A contemplative context for self reflection.
  3. An experiential learning of the insights of Yoga and Vaastu.
  4. A framework for developing an enduring personal practice.

Usually the program is scheduled as a residential program for 4 days, but has the flexibility to be structured in other ways as well for a specific requirement.

Please submit your interest in being part of one in the registration form on this page, and we will contact you regarding the next program.

  • Anyone interested in finding more meaning and alignment in their life using the wisdom of Indian tradition

7 Steps to a more aligned existence: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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