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Sadbhavana is:

• An invitation to explore the conditioned lenses through which we see the world and ourselves

• A collective endeavour to listen deeply to oneself and others with compassion

• A space where one discovers a mind that can transcend conditioning • An invitation to seek the sacred in an active life

This exploration is becoming more and more urgent every day. It is clear that modernity evokes anomie, loneliness and angst. Its excessive focus on the “Homo Economicus” idea of mankind, and the world of transactions and consumerism it creates has been lamented all too often. What is called education seems to be a production line to fit people into this mould. Tradition on the other hand has also failed us. While it does lay a claim to showing a path to the sacred, the path is often overlaid with injunctions, dogma and outdated views of man and the world. The serious seeker is thus left to her own devices and often walks a lonely path in search of a meaningful engagement with the outer and the inner.

We need to find a home within us, find the wellspring of love, the calm anchorage inside us. The Innermost, the Great Void, Shoonya, the Primordial Intelligence, Brahman: All these are words – inadequate human expression of a state of being. sadbhAvana is therefore, an invitation we give to ourselves to co-create a space where we struggle with the process of owning up our conditioned self, and letting go of the compulsions of “clinging and craving” that energizes the conditioned self and keeps us trapped within it. sadbhAvana is an aspirational journey to discover the quiet and Intelligent void from which new possibilities that span the sacred and the pragmatic might emerge.

The exploration will be enabled by a group of facilitators who will create a framework and a space for exploration. The facilitators will not only enable the space to emerge, but will also offer practices like transformative breath, body and emotional work to empower the participants to walk the shared path. However, the facilitation will not be discursive or ideological. Its task is to enable “contemplative conversations”, its hope is that such conversations will open up possibilities for each person in ways that are unique and meaningful to them.

This offering is intended for people who are :

  • Serious seekers looking for ways to initiate meaningful action
  • Leaders of organizations who are concerned with the human crisis that confronts us
  • People seeking the sangha of kindred souls with whom to explore their angst
  • Activists engaged in social action
  • Facilitators seeking to engage with the larger context Important Considerations for Immersion

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