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Re-Engaging With Gandhi

Re-Engaging With Gandhi

Re-Engaging with Gandhi is a self-reflective engagement with oneself using Gandhiji as a mirror. Through essays, films and his Autobiography over a 3 month period, we look at the evocations and provocations he leaves us with and explores them further in a dialogic space among a community of seekers.

This is a 3-month long journey of self-study, punctuated by an online dialogue circle once every two weeks for about 90-minutes each. So six such circles in total over three months. Each call will have a preparatory reading and watch list curated by us, that the participants can choose from:

• A few thought-provoking essays on Gandhi by insightful commentators. There are so many good ones written on him, from a diversity of backgrounds.
• A film (usually in Hindi or English), that deals with Gandhi or his philosophy
• Participants can also read about 25 chapters of ‘The Story Of My Experiments With Truth’ for each of the calls. Thereby finishing the whole book in three months. The chapters are usually short and can be easily covered.

We have two batches beginning in October 2020.

Batch-1 (Alternate Sundays)

Date of Commencement: 18 October 2020

Time: 6 PM to 7.30 PM IST (+5:30 HRS GMT)

Frequency: Alternate Sundays Same Time (6 PM to 7.30 PM IST)

Batch-2 (Alternate Mondays)

Date of Commencement: 19 October 2020

Time: 8 PM to 9.30 PM IST (+5:30 HRS GMT)

Frequency: Alternate Mondays Same Time (6 PM to 7.30 PM IST)

For more queries, contact: Naveen (naveen.ritambhara@gmail.com | +919489527893)

The Course is offered in the spirit of ‘Gift Economy‘. We’d like to keep this accessible for friends from diverse economic backgrounds. So there is no fixed cost. You are invited to offer from your heart what you are called to towards your participation. Your contributions will go towards covering our overheads and offering stipends to those on the team. More than the quantum of contribution, we are keen on the spirit behind the offering. So any heartfelt contribution is fine with us and gratefully received. You may make your contribution once you sign up for the course with your details.



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