Re-Birthing Breathwork

Most of us simply accept what life offers and do our best to respond!  Imagine for a moment that everything you experience is what you create!

  • The mystic teachings of Seth say, ‘You create your own reality – not some of it, not most of it, but ALL of it! Therefore examine the contents of your mind!’
  • This is no different from what the path of yOga advises. The yOgA sUtras are clear and powerful statements telling you about the state of the mind, the ill-effects of having an unclear mind and practices to learn in order to watch and remove the obstacles – to ensure that one’s mind regains its pristine quality and manifests its immense potentials.
  • Our ability to unleash our immense human potential depends entirely on our understanding of the power of the mind and awareness of the body of thoughts and beliefs that make up the contents of our mind.
  • Physical materialization does not happen by chance – they have a non-physical origin within the depths of the mind, some conscious and others unconsciousness.
  • Personal power and self-mastery lies in understanding the relation between the physical and non-physical worlds, the dynamics and mechanics involved in creating the events in our life.

The underlying technique used in the Re-birthing Breathwork process was given by Leonard Orr.

  • When one breathes with deep attentiveness, it is possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves.
  • This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy and allowing us to move towards fulfilment of our potential as human beings.
  • This approach opens Rebirthing to address all events that form our belief system about our self and the world. Rebirthing Breathwork works at a level of the unconscious where traditional forms of counselling and therapy do not go.

The breath is the hot-line between the two worlds – energy and matter.  yOga calls this energy prAna, the Taoists call it chi. In yOga breath or prAna is the main focus, that which connects the mind and body. The breath is the channel through which the conscious communicates with the unconscious, the inner self with the higher self.

This process is a naturally designed mechanism using the one resource that is assured to all – the breath. Some benefits of Re-birthing Breathwork that can be expected are as follows:

  • A powerful recharging and cleansing of all inner-systems
  • Breaking through barriers/defences between the conscious and the unconscious mind.
  • Awareness of and release of deep-rooted, toxic emotions associated with memories where personality-forming beliefs were made and lodged in the physical body.
  • Enhancement in one’s ability to receive love/life-force energy and have the direct experience of letting it flow in.
  • This loosens up stored blockages held in your energy system – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – thus working on all four body levels at the same time.
  • Rebirthed people have more and more experiences of telepathy, intuitive knowledge and increased creative ability
  • Significant increase in one’s physical energy; less need to sleep; a propensity for youthfulness as well as a movement towards longevity
  • Mastery of these processes enable you to discover that you are the ultimate healer, teacher and creator of your life!

The basic workshop will entail training and practice in a particular form of conscious-connected breathing technique.

Participants will be guided in this technique through practical sessions which will be supported with conceptual understanding based on the yoga sutras.

Re-birthing Breathwork is a program for those interested in inner -transformation and healing and for those interested in training to be a therapist. This workshop would be extremely beneficial for those with:

  • Muscle / Organ ailments, pains and disease (our physical body is a memory bank of our past)
  • Anxiety and Stress (anxiety and stress are merely symptoms of deeper emotions that are unprocessed)
  • Tiredness and lack of vitality (old, un-dealt-with emotions block energy channels)
  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances including chronic fatigue
  • Recurring patterns of argument and conflict in relationships, even lack of relationships
  • Low self-esteem and poor self-image; low self-worth that can result in ‘money-worth’ issues
  • Constant internal dialogue and habitual thought patterns i.e. LACK OF INNER PEACE & SERENITY
  • For people who are already practicing other therapeutic or healing modalities as this process can be integrated seamlessly into their existing practice

Four days residential program.

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