Parenting Inside Out


Ritambhara offers a 4 day residential retreat for parents that explores some of the following questions in more depth using yoga practice and philosophy as the basis.

  • What am I doing as a parent, what can I do better?
  • What are my challenges and struggles as a parent?
  • What are my needs as a parent?
  • In what ways can I help and support my child better?
  • How can I listen to my children and their needs better?
  • What is the relationship between my well-being and parenting?


Parents who are seeking to deepen their connection to themselves and their children.


4 Days


Yoga, as traditionally emphasized, is an experiential Darsana, i.e. a way of reflecting on oneself and our relationship with the world. In alignment with this perspective, this program will focus primarily on experiential work – whether it is personalized yoga practice on the mat or self-reflective exercises. Brief theoretical introduction to various concepts and dimensions of yoga will be provided as required. This program intends to empower participants to tap into their inner capabilities towards conscious parenting.

Traditional Indian philosophy emphasizes the complex interconnectedness of different aspects of life such as diet, sleep, subjective sense of well-being, relationships and our interactions with the world at large. The explorations intended to be done in this program have the potential for helping participants identify the web of complex patterns that constitute these aspects. This observation can be very powerful and has the potential to empower the individual to take steps towards making self-desired changes in their role as a parent.


The program takes participants through experiential and reflective exploration of the landscape of our relationships, emotional life, health (physical, physiological and psychological), behavioral patterns, and personal directions and aspirations, with a specific focus on parenting. These explorations will be done by using a variety of methods like drawing, audio-videos visuals, group sharing, games, and theatre, in addition to asana and pranayama.


Please consider the following points to help you decide if you can bring your children.

  1. There is plenty of open space at the ashram and it would be a good opportunity for your child to be amidst nature. However you will be fully occupied at the workshop and therefore will not be able to attend to your child’s needs during the sessions.
  2. If your child is 6 or younger you will need to arrange for another adult who can care for your child, to be present with him / her while you are at the sessions.
  3. For children who are 7 years or older, please ensure to bring enough books, games, puzzles etc. that will keep them engaged. The ashram does not have television or internet connection.
  4. We will have a resource person to do some activities with them such as games, Asana, chanting, small  walks, etc. However the above mentioned points still hold.