Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY)

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a delightful confluence of philosophy and practice is the foundation upon which all of Yoga resides. It offers many paths that can lead one from a state of duHkha, i.e. a disturbed state of mind, meaning and actions, towards a state of Viveka, a more lucid and clear way of discerning ‘What is’.

IWTY course involves engaging with the Yoga sutra in a self-reflective manner and seeing how it applies to one’s own life, meaning-making and choices. It is not intended to be academic or didactic teaching of the sutra, but dialogic facilitation of self-driven learning in the light of the wisdom the text offers.



Spread across 40 weeks, each of the inner work through Yoga (IWTY ) session will be through web-based video conferencing platform.

Each IWTY session involves:

  • An anchoring practice
  •  Watching a video by Shri Raghu Anantanarayanan on the Yoga sutra
  • Self-reflective exercises both individually and as a group (after the video).

This course is open for any individual who wishes to explore Yogasutras in a self-reflective and experiential manner.

Next IWTY course starts in February 2020. If you wish to be part of this course, fill in the form below or email