Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY)

Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY)

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a delightful confluence of philosophy and practice, is the foundation upon which all of Yoga resides. It offers many paths that can lead one from a state of duHkha, i.e. a disturbed state of mind, meaning and actions, towards a state of viveka, a more lucid and clear way of discerning ‘What is’.

Inner Work Through Yoga (IWTY) is one of the Yoga-based offerings at Ritambhara and brings the wisdom of Yoga Sutra in a contemporary and contemplative way. It invites participants to engage with the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali in a self-reflective manner and see how it applies to one’s own life, actions, relationships and choices. Participants are encouraged to look at each sutra as a mirror to show something deeper about oneself, thereby making the sutra relevant to them. This ensures that the sutra does not become an injunction (rule) to follow, but instead opens up an enquiry for oneself.

Spread across 40 weeks, each session in this online program includes a short centring practice, watching a video by Shri Raghu Anantanarayanan on the Yoga sutra, and reflective activities – individually and as a group. Participants learn to step into a space of listening and observing thereby stepping away from habitual patterns of reactions. This continuous and long-term weekly practice of observing and listening deepens and spills over into other aspects of their life bringing greater clarity and understanding of one’s life. 

The next program starts on 29th August 2020. Every Saturday 6 to 8 AM IST. Please look at the brochure for more details and write to or call +919677071373 (Gowtham) or +919846594973 (Anisha) to register for the program. 


Next IWTY program starts on 29th August 2020. Weekly every Saturday 6 to 8 AM IST. If you wish to be part of this program in May or anytime later, fill in the form below or email

  • 40 Weeks
  • 2 Hour sessions every week
  • A centering practice
  •  Watching a video by Shri Raghu Anantanarayanan on the Yoga sutra
  • Self-reflective activities both individually and as a group.
  • Contemplative conversation in a group
  • Reflective art & sharing

This program is open for any individual who wishes to explore Yoga Sutra in a self-reflective and experiential manner.

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