Family Retreat

Family Retreat

Our families are the foundation of our aspirations, explorations and successes. Today, we live in a context where the health and well-being of a family space is being challenged in many ways. Over time, families could accumulate wear and tear, breed functional and dysfunctional parts. Therefore, just as creating anything beautiful requires our time and attention, the family space also needs our care. Keeping this in mind, the family retreat program has been designed to energize and nourish the individual, as well as the family space. Through the program we explore how to receive the gifts that a family has to offer for self-reflection, self-growth and thereby make deeper and more meaningful connections with self, family and the world.

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The program takes participants through experiential and reflective exploration of our relationships with our parents and children, our emotional life, our health and behavioral patterns. The program is designed with many components such as stories, theatre, games, art, yoga and other activities that nourish the seeds for a meaningful inner and outer life.

Reflective and experiential activities, walks, mindful eating, and introduction to relevant ideas from Indian philosophical texts, will form the basis and guiding posts for the contemplative engagement in the presence of nature and children.

There will be two kinds of sessions daily

1. Sessions for parents and children together

2. Sessions for parents and children (age 7-12 yrs) separately — about five hours per day.

The rest of the time would be distributed between group activities, meals, resting, daily routines etc. For children younger than 7 years, we suggest that one parent be available to care for the child while another is in sessions. You can also bring another non- participating adult for child-care. It would be a good opportunity for your child to be in a natural environment with open spaces, close to forest land.

This retreat is designed for

  • Those  who are seeking to deepen  connection in the family.
  • Those who want to find a way to live meaningfully and support our children to do the same as they grow up in our world today.


Children are welcome to join for the program. Please see program design for more details.

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