Dharma Drishti

Exploring Indic Heritage

Exploring Indic Heritage

A Dialogue Through the Lens of Dharma


  • How can we discover a dharmic lens to discover Indian reality?
  • How do we anchor ourselves to the gifts the heritage has to offer to us and at the same time deal with the dysfunctionalities that we encounter every day?
  • Is there a way to see and go beyond our colonized minds, explore with honesty and balance?

This is the first of a series of conversations, to acknowledge the beauty of Indic heritage and at the same time see our role in shaping its current reality. On one hand, we are in touch with a certain decay that is all around us, and on the other hand, its beauty and continuity are preserved and appear in surprising ways all around us.

Join us if you are called:

·       To discover how we can connect our reality with humanness, honesty and humility.

·       To engage with the inner trauma and grief of our loss.

·       To connect, commit and communicate to re-energise the beautiful.

This dialogue is a step towards acknowledging our true identity individually and as a culture to explore how we have defined ourselves over time. This truth might carve a path to deep inner understanding and eventual reconciliation of what was, is and that which is emerging.

This dialogue is anchored by:

1.Preeti D’mello (Head, Leadership & DIversity TCS & Student of Advaita Vedanta) – Preeti is a scholar of Advaita Vedanta. She synthesizes Eastern and Western approaches to personal development and spiritual integration, and seeks to establish congruence between head and heart for meaningful development. She is recognized for design thinking in systemic organizational and leadership development work.

2. Sri Raghu Ananthanarayanan (Co-founder, Ritambhara) – Raghu Ananthnarayanan is a direct disciple of Yoga Acharya Sri T Krishnamacharya and has been focussing on sharing his knowledge and insights in to Antaranga Yoga (Inner Work Through Yoga). Raghu’s abiding interest in the question what is India was triggered by his years of contact with Dharampalji. He has been engaged with grass roots developmental work and has enabled the development of many craft groups and a Tamil theatre group called Koothu-p-Pattarai. He has also delved deeply into the Behavioural Sciences to develop a unique approach of personal unfolding and organizational transformation

Other panellists for the dialogue include:

  1. Sukhvinder Sircar – She is an accredited group process facilitator and life coach and her deep understanding of human behaviour and aspirations supports her facilitation work. Her Divine Feminine workshops are popular and transformational.
  2. Rajni Bakshi – Freelance Journalist & Author. She writes about social and political movements in contemporary India. She was formerly the Gandhi Peace Fellow at Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations.
  3. Naveen Vasudevan – He is a co-founder of Ritambhara and the founder of Purnam. His interests include Evolutionary Leadership, Integral Psychology and Process Work. He is particularly keen on working with young changemakers and those interested in bridging spirituality and social change.
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