The Enneagram of personality types is a psycho-spiritual transformative tool.

*It is a modern synthesis of several ancient wisdom traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

*The Enneagram symbol itself can be traced, probably to the Greek philosophers (especially Pythagoras), while the personality typology starts with humanity’s ancient quest for self-understanding and moves through history in the Desert Fathers, the Christian Church, the Kabbalah, and modern psychology.

*The Enneagram frame-work looks at personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature found in all of us, although we would each identify ourselves with the personality that is closest to our experience.


This Introductory Workshop will present:

  • An overview of the Enneagram as a whole, with emphasis on the fundamental elements of the nine types  
  • The three Centers of intelligence (thinking, feeling, and instinct) 
  • Help us see how these different aspects of ourselves manifest in our lives.
  • Lead us to deeper inner resources, real peace of mind, lasting joy, and compassion for ourselves and others.

*Above description is drawn from multiple sources.


*Self-judgments arising from our failures to fulfill the demands of our personalities lead us into suffering

*This suffering creates an environment of self-involvement that blinds us to the existence of our true selves 

*There is a yearning for authenticity and real freedom in all of us, though, and a deep yearning to align ourselves to our Essential nature 

*We need to free ourselves from our survival personalities so that we can simply be ourselves – manifest our Essential nature

*Practice accessing and integrating nine domains of Essence through practices such as meditation, breath-work, self-inquiry and deepening the ability to maintain Presence. 

*Learn about obstacles each personality type has to experience and integrating Essence. 

*Learn about each type’s “invisible Veil”—the last illusory dynamic each type must dissolve to be in Essence. 

*Learn about ways each type continuously blocks the Essence in their daily life. 

*Learn ways to help each type integrate breakthroughs more readily and permanently.

*This Workshop is ideally suited for serious and dedicated seekers who are committed to Inner Work. 

*Participants must have a deep commitment to “awakening,” and a sincere desire to integrate that state into their daily lives

*An on-going personal transformational or spiritual practice with the intention of actualizing these objectives in daily life is highly recommended.

Three Days Program.

Non-residential program.

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