Chakra Immersion

Chakra Immersion

Universe of the Chakras (Microcosmic Orbits)

*Chakras are various micro universes of activity that comprise a human being. 

*These are essentially energy fields holding specific attributes, qualities, having specific impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, which come together to comprise the overall human energy field

*In this retreat, we are looking at a structural analysis of the human energy field. Ancient scripts have spoken broadly about 7 centres of energy fields that collectively comprise the human energy field

*Through direct experience we study these minor energy fields more thoroughly, understand their qualities, attributes and the areas of our lives impacted by each

*We emerge with a full understanding of the interplay of these energy fields, how they impact the quality of life and the drives and pushes you are likely to possess as a result


*Understand the nature of these universes that are the chakras

*Understand the range that is available within each chakra (i.e. thoughts, ideas, behaviours) and what it means to be healthy in that universe

*Study the interplay of chakras and the resulting dynamics – how these inner worlds impacts how you think, feel, perceive reality, and hence impact the choices you make which emerges thereafter as the reality that is visible and recognizable and lived.

*Follow up with exercises to help energize the chakras (physical and energetic) and bring back balance in how we occupy these spheres and how we operate within them.

* Anybody who has the sincerity and the commitment to engage in an intensive process of self-discovery

*Anybody who wants to understand the unconscious pushes and pulls that are impacting the quality of their lives

*Healers and Therapists

Six days immersion into the understanding of Chakras.

The program may be residential or otherwise. Please check event details page for more information.

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