इतिहास पुराण

Arjuna’s Tapas

Arjuna’s Tapas

The Arjuna’s Tapas‘ is a two-day exploration of the archetypal Hero’s Journey.

The process and various stages of psychological maturation, that we go through in our quest to embody our higher potentials. The workshop uses films and contemplative conversations to invite reflection on one’s life journey and the existential questions that drive it. Participants engage with what it means to live inside-out, as contrasted with outside-in. Though partly inspired by Joseph Campbell’s elucidation of the Hero’s Journey, the Arjuna’s Tapas framework applies to people of all genders and cultural backgrounds.

Anyone interested in exploring the hero archetypes in themselves is eligible to attend the program.

If you’re interested in attending this program, please submit your interest in the below contact form.

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