Vastu Level 1 Workshop

May 22, 2020 — May 24, 2020

Vastu is one of the oldest design systems in the world. The great cities of Ayodhya, MohenjoDaro, and Lanka were designed on its principles. The 64 texts mentioned in the Puranas are in Sanskrit while there are scores of texts in various regional languages of the Indian sub-continent.

This program offers an opportunity to appreciate this valuable traditional knowledge, and understand the design principles enunciated in the shastras and application in the field, with particular reference to Srishti, Vardhamana and Chikitsa Vastu.

The program is facilitated by the renowed Vastu expert Smt. Sashikala Ananth.

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Date: May 22 – 24, 2020

Venue: Kotagiri, TN, India

Fee: INR 20,000

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