Mahabharata Immersion 9

August 2, 2020 — August 8, 2020


Mahabharata Immersion 9 is scheduled for August 2 to 8, 2020. Working with the Mahabharata Immersion (MI) process is one of the most powerful and effective ways to gain mastery over one’s hidden potentials. The MI is conceptually designed to:

● Learn the art of mastering one’s archetypal energies

● Understand how the purANa can help in identifying the map of one’s inner world

With the aid of powerful processes derived from a profound understanding of the Yoga Sutra, dance and theatre, the MI becomes a learning laboratory that is:

● An invitation to delve into the depths of the invisible, the unarticulated and the disowned parts of oneself.

● An enquiry into the practices of antaranga yoga.

● A learning space where one can discover and embody one’s deepest potentials.

The Mahabharata portrays the five Pandava heroes as the central archetypes of a human psyche, the Kaurava as the anti-hero/shadow archetype and Krishna as the meditative mind. Through the drama played out by Pandavas and the Kauravas the text discusses Yoga, i.e. being the best that one can be, in the context of familial strife. The Mahabharata is a dialogue on the Yoga of leadership and dharmic conduct. The Mahabharata is a complete text of Yoga, it not only captures its philosophical profundity, but also evokes the person deeply by portraying different types of archetypal heroes, placing them in difficult and trying situations and describing their struggles as they delve into themselves and overcome these obstacles.


Dates: August 2nd 5 PM to 8th 2 PM, 2020

Location: Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India



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