Mahabharata Immersion Feb 2018

Mahabharata Immersion Feb 2018

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Ritambhara Ashram, Kotagiri

The Mahabharata Immersion (MI) is intended to enable the participant to engage with inner work. The design of the programme will enable the participant to engage with the Purānā from an “inside-out” location, enliven the archetypes and enact the primal drama that occurs at the various turning points in the saga. One wears the mask of the Heroes, and in playing out the archetypal drama, views oneself in the mirror of the emerging “here and now re-play” of the eternal motifs of life and of relationships with significant others.

The MI is a learning laboratory

  • It deploys the Learning Theatre methodology
  • It is an opportunity to use the Purānā as a Darshanā, a mirror unto oneself
  • It is an invitation to experiment with oneself, delve into the depths of the invisible, the unarticulated and the disowned parts of oneself by donning the traditional masks from the Koothu tradition

The MI is not

  • An opportunity to learn the Mahabharata
  • An attempt for the faculty to offer their particular interpretation through discussions or discourses
  • An opportunity to learn theatre or to appreciate tradition

The MI is designed to enable:

  • Leaders, Change Agents and Professionals in the field of Social Services,
  • Management, and the Arts wishing to delve inwardly and regenerate themselves.
  • People in the healing/ enabling professions who wish to discover and develop creative processes of their own unfolding and therefore facilitate self-discovery in others.

There will be a maximum of 24 participants in the group.

The participants are invited to see themselves as co- creators of the learning laboratory. No prior theatre experience or exceptional interest in fine arts is required for this adventure. Prior engagement with Process Work (or) a serious practice of Yoga (not just āsanā and prānāyāma but the meditative aspects of it as well) or the Arts is mandatory.

Participants will be required to read the Mahabharata. Discussions over the Internet and specific suggestions will be given to initiate the exploration. This preparation is essential for a vibrant and meaningful engagement in the Lab.


This programme will bring together experienced facilitators in human processes and renowned traditional Koothu artists to work with the participants.

Programme Director: Raghu Ananthanarayanan has worked extensively in the field of Yoga and Behavioural sciences. He has successfully developed an approach to individual and group processes based on a creative convergence of the traditional and the modern.
The co-facilitators would be drawn from the pool of Sashikala Ananth, Vandana Menon, Raja Ravivarma, Anuradha Ramesh, Parthasarathy Ramanujam, Apoorva Jalan and Naveen Vasudevan.

Koothu Partners: The Koothu facilitation at the lab would be anchored by artistes from the ‘Kalari Koothupalli’ based near Salem. They are well known for their excellence in performance and a nuanced understanding of the art. The founder of the school Mu. Harikrishnan, apart from being a writer and film- maker, has done great service in preserving the art form in the Kongu regions of Tamil Nadu.

The programme fee is Rs. 35,400/- This covers the faculty fee and related expenses.
Accommodation options at the Ritambhara Ashram are the following:
Twin Sharing rooms (Non A/C) – Rs. 14,160/- (16 pax)
Tented Accommodation – Rs. 8,850/- (8 pax)

This covers food and accommodation for 6 days. All prices include GST already.
There are a few scholarships on offer for those who would like to avail of them.

Dates & Contact
The Immersion starts on February 18th (5pm) and ends on Feb 24th (2pm).

Last date for registrations: October 31st. (Preparatory work starts from soon after.)

There may be some emotional stress involved during the Lab. Participants must take responsibility for self- screening if stressful situations are a concern. The MI Lab is not a substitute for therapy or psychiatric treatment. If you are currently in therapy or under psychiatric treatment, you are required to obtain a clearance from your therapist/ psychiatrist before attending. Please also consult your physician, in case you have a current condition of heart ailment or any chronic illness.

Should you wish to explore the nature of the program further you are invited to get in touch with us about it.
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