Discovering Choicefulness Through Yoga

Post-Covid world has created a work context that has blurred the boundary of work and personal life for many professionals. The demands placed by the emerging remote and hybrid working models on the time and emotions of the professionals are almost inhumane. Ritambhara’s Svasthyam for Executives pilot batch saw executives from diverse corporate contexts across EU and India explore practices from yoga that can help them discover better alignment and greater work-life balance.

In the pilot edition of the program which began in January 2022, we explored four critical themes that are relevant in enabling a professional to discover greater work-life balance in their life even as they pursue role excellence and invest in being more responsive to an uncertain professional context. Each week we explored themes ranging from mindfulness, powerfulness, resourcefulness, and the practice that can enable one to be the best that one can be. A unique blend of asana-pranayama practices, experiential and reflective theatre and art, as well as contemplative dialogues were used towards this goal.

Participants shared how with each week they started discovering greater poise, centredness, and awareness of their own life, actions, and choices, and how certain patterns are leading to re-creating the same narrative in their lives. The sessions were rich with deep personal sharing and reflections and the Antaranga Yoga processes we followed creating a sense of close-knit community amongst the participants as each batch had only a maximum of 10 students by design.

Participant Reflections

“Perfectly paced course.”

“Enjoyed the interactive space and talking about myself in smaller groups.”

I feel a drastic difference in me. I used to be so restless in the mornings. I am more calmer. My back is so so much better. Even my husband wondered how I became so quieter.”

I have become extremely calm in my daily life. I dont snap at all at my kids. I am so totally surprised that how in such a short time this can happen.”

Excellent. I really enjoyed. I got time and space for myself.”

Upcoming Batch

New batch of Svasthyam for Executives is beginning on 28th February 2022. For details, please visit this link.

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