Unfolding – Reflections from IWTY-6

“I am feeling so light and easy post session. I am with this sense of having found the deepest joy of being in a group. We seem to be discovering flow and deep connection as a group. The engaging within and outside that happens seems to be simultaneous and harmonious.  Each person is bringing in a petal of different colors, texture, fragrance and even thorns. There is fierceness, brightness, softness, subtlety, depth and we seem to find that particular space where we can just be. There is so much of satyam (honesty) in the sharings that we end up evoking each other. There is so much depth and many of us  are touching our shadows (including me) but with a certain ease, without too many filters – even if there are filters, thanks to each one of us, we are able to share even that and bring it into light for ourselves and as a group.

I am left with an awe of ‘this is also possible’ and a need to show others what we have touched not as a showcase but a heartfelt need to share this joy!”

– Reflections post session by Kavitha Elango, facilitator of IWTY – 6 



– a poem by Akanksha Thakore, participant in the ongoing IWTY (Inner Work Through Yoga) – 6


I walk
One tentative step at a time
Seeing the ground ahead of me
take shape
As I step onto it
My bhumi forming
bit by bit
Uprooting never felt so good.


No certainties
No sureties
Only the next right step.
A direction,
not destination.
I’m homeward bound
Inward bound.
The path is the practice
The journey, a delight
Thorns to look out for
(Or perhaps hurt and heal from –
who knows)
Streams to cross ahead
Or perhaps stop by
and rest a while
to take in the scenery
(Just look at it!
Isn’t it quite something?!)
A sakhi-presence to enjoy it with –
walking hand in hand,
towards the sun.
The North Star
of growing awareness
Inner illumination
To see more and more of the land
Within and without
Each on their own bhumi
Yet creating a shared one
With every step taken forward


No pressure, no hurry
to see or be the future.
The petals of the lotus
bloom one by one
in their own sweet time;
this unfolding cannot be rushed.


The path gone by, the past,
will change shades
based on where one
is looking back from
One’s location, if you will.
While the future
It lies ahead
Free from the weight of
what ought to be
or might be
It stretches ahead
As an empty road
A vast expanse
Of possibilities
I could energise and give birth to
in the now.


A blank canvas
To splash one’s own colours with
How could I not be joyful?
Soaking in
What IS.
Right here.
Right now.

– January 2022

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