SaptaSwara 2 – Reflections

Participant Reflections
“In the course, I experienced flowering in the last session unaware of each petal that was unfolding each week. It was like some energetic flow inside me that I hadn’t experienced earlier!” – Deepti Khanna
“After the course,  I can confidently say that I am a person more at peace with myself. My gentle and tender observation of the drama of my life has been a direct result of the course. My happy embracing of my Indic roots and my deep confidence in being Indian have helped decolonize me. I have found my very own dharmic pathways to a better life, to shantam. I bow deeply to Raghuji and Ritambhara with deep gratitude for these offerings. I highly recommend these courses to one and all.”  Suruchi
Next SaptaSwara
Third edition of SaptaSwara is set to begin for 8 Sundays starting February 6th, 2022 from 7 AM to 11.30 AM IST. To know more details and register, click here.

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